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Monday, August 5, 2013

PPT On Uses of Computer Networks


Uses of Computer Networks Presentation Transcript: 

2.Uses of Computer Networks
Business Applications
Home Applications
Mobile Users
Social Issues

3.Business Applications of Networks

4.Home Network Applications
Access to remote information
Person-to-person communication
Interactive entertainment
Electronic commerce

5.Home Network Applications

6.Network Hardware
Local Area Networks
Metropolitan Area Networks
Wide Area Networks
Wireless Networks
Home Networks

7.Broadcast Networks
Types of transmission technology
Broadcast links
Point-to-point links

8.Local Area Networks

9.Metropolitan Area Networks

10.Wide Area Networks

11.Wireless Networks
Categories of wireless networks:
System interconnection
Wireless LANs
Wireless WANs

12.Home Network Categories
Computers (desktop PC, PDA, shared peripherals
Entertainment (TV, DVD, VCR, camera, stereo, MP3)
Telecomm (telephone, cell phone, intercom, fax)
Appliances (microwave, fridge, clock, furnace, airco)
Telemetry (utility meter, burglar alarm, babycam).

13.Network Software
Protocol Hierarchies
Design Issues for the Layers
Connection-Oriented and Connectionless Services
Service Primitives
The Relationship of Services to Protocols

14.Network Software Protocol Hierarchies

15.Design Issues for the Layers
Error Control
Flow Control

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