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Monday, August 5, 2013

PPT On Network Security


Network Security Presentation Transcript:
1.Network Security

Introduction to Cryptography
Substitution Ciphers
Transposition Ciphers
One-Time Pads
Two Fundamental Cryptographic Principles

3.Need for Security

4.An Introduction to Cryptography

5.One-Time Pads
The use of a one-time pad for encryption and the possibility of getting any possible plaintext from the ciphertext by the use of some other pad.

6.Symmetric-Key Algorithms
DES – The Data Encryption Standard
AES – The Advanced Encryption Standard
Cipher Modes
Other Ciphers

7.AES – The Advanced Encryption Standard
Rules for AES proposals
The algorithm must be a symmetric block cipher.
The full design must be public.
Key lengths of 128, 192, and 256 bits supported.
Both software and hardware implementations required
The algorithm must be public or licensed on nondiscriminatory terms.

8.Electronic Code Book Mode

9.Cipher Feedback Mode

10.Public-Key Algorithms
Other Public-Key Algorithms

11.Digital Signatures
Symmetric-Key Signatures
Public-Key Signatures
Message Digests
The Birthday Attack

12.Symmetric-Key Signatures

13.Management of Public Keys
Public Key Infrastructures

14.Problems with Public-Key Encryption

15.Communication Security
Virtual Private Networks
Wireless Security

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