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Monday, August 5, 2013

PPT On Introduction To Network Layer


Introduction To Network Layer Presentation Transcript: 
1.The Network Layer

2.Network Layer Design Isues
Store-and-Forward Packet Switching
Services Provided to the Transport Layer
Implementation of Connectionless Service
Implementation of Connection-Oriented Service
Comparison of Virtual-Circuit and Datagram Subnets

3.Store-and-Forward Packet Switching

4.Implementation of Connectionless Service

5.Implementation of Connection-Oriented Service

6.Comparison of Virtual-Circuit and Datagram Subnets

7.Routing Algorithms
The Optimality Principle
Shortest Path Routing
Distance Vector Routing
Link State Routing
Hierarchical Routing
Broadcast Routing
Multicast Routing
Routing for Mobile Hosts
Routing in Ad Hoc Networks

8.The Optimality Principle

9.Shortest Path Routing

10.Link State Routing
Each router must do the following:
Discover its neighbors, learn their network address.
Measure the delay or cost to each of its neighbors.
Construct a packet telling all it has just learned.
Send this packet to all other routers.
Compute the shortest path to every other router.

11.Learning about the Neighbors

12.Measuring Line Cost

13.Building Link State Packets

14.Distributing the Link State Packets

15.Routing in Ad Hoc Networks
Possibilities when the routers are mobile:
Military vehicles on battlefield.
No infrastructure.
A fleet of ships at sea.
All moving all the time
Emergency works at earthquake .
The infrastructure destroyed.
A gathering of people with notebook computers.
In an area lacking 802.11.

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