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Monday, August 5, 2013

PPT On Corruption In Pakistan


Corruption In Pakistan Presentation Transcript:
1.Corruption In Pakistan

 First of all we must define the corruption. Apparently, it would look like suspicious financial transaction alone. But that is too narrow view. Corruption today has become a way of life and it encompasses the ideological, moral and ethical values of society.

3. Pakistan has one of the highest rates of corruption in the entire world. Bribe Payers Survey 2010 carried out by Transparency Intl. showed that the actions
of the government  in Pakistan’s fight against corruption were seen as ineffective by 72%  people whereas same the value for India stood at 42%. The survey also revealed the institutions considered to be the most corrupt shown

4.Eradicate Corruption

5.Eliminating Corruption:
 Decentralized Independent Judiciary:
The  judiciary  system  should  be  at  the  federal, province and city state level. The provincial and city  appointments should  be  under  the control of  local  government.
Federal government must abdicate healthcare & education  ministries  completely  to  the provincial, city and district governments.
 Provincial Election Commission:
Every province should have its  own independent Election commission.  A  central election commission is a disaster and an instrument which has always been used  for rigging purposes by the establishment.

6.No Provincial or Central control on Police:
Police should be completely under the control of city Government. Police used for rigging the elections and targeting the Opposition. By decentralization this police will only work on criminal cases.
 Education system:
Children should  be morally  taught  in  school to treat  corruption  as  a  sin. Lying  should  be punished  and  lying  under  oath  should  be treated as a high crime. Lying is an epidemic in Pakistan.
 Role of the CM and provincial assembly:
Their Job is to make state laws and implement them e.g. in state of Texas, USA which is roughly the size of Pakistan, Governor’s office is in Austin but he has no control over  Austin police. The department is under the Mayor of Austin.

7. Salaries:
Pays should be determined completely by city Government.
 Strongest District attorneys:
Justice System needs to be implemented at Union council, city, district Government and state level. District attorneys should have the right to prosecute anyone in their jurisdiction without any pressure.
Universal pay scale for all  the federal employees:
Government of USA does not pay for any of their President’s personal expenses. Clinton paid  all the costs of the Monica Lewinsky trial. The system should be
similar in Pakistan.

8. Abolishing the position of President & Governors from constitution:
This is an extra burden on the Tax payers and instrument for Martial law . If decentralization is properly implemented there is no need for a
President to oversee the units of federation. Time has proven repeatedly that the presidential structure
ironically has always been the cause of the
federation’s weakening, former President Musharraf  &  Ghulam Ishaq  Khan are evident proofs.
 Reporting Corruption:
An easy and practical system must be implemented in the country to ensure that ordinary citizens can report incidents of corruption. Several mediums like toll free
numbers, television, mail, etc should be widely advertised as a means for getting to
 the appropriate authorities. To date we do not have a proper system to report corruption.

A  systemic disease if not treated properly causes a multi organ failure. This is exactly what has happened in Pakistan. Corruption is widespread &  hopelessness is slowly taking Over.
All evil in this  world starts with injustice, in  our case  since  1947  Pakistan’s  centralized government has been a source of this injustice.
It is  about  time  People  of  Pakistan  get  their equal rights regardless of  race, culture, religion and language.
future government  should  base  its policies  and  the  future  government  on  just principles.

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