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Monday, August 5, 2013

PPT On The Medium Access Control Sublayer


The Medium Access Control Sublayer Presentation Transcript:
1.The Medium Access Control Sublayer

2.The Channel Allocation Problem
Static Channel Allocation in LANs and MANs
Dynamic Channel Allocation in LANs and MANs

3.Dynamic Channel Allocation in LANs and MANs
Station Model.
Single Channel Assumption.
Collision Assumption.
(a) Continuous Time. (b) Slotted Time.
(a) Carrier Sense. (b) No Carrier Sense.

4.Multiple Access Protocols
Carrier Sense Multiple Access Protocols
Collision-Free Protocols
Limited-Contention Protocols
Wavelength Division Multiple Access Protocols
Wireless LAN Protocols

5.Pure ALOHA

6.Persistent and Nonpersistent CSMA

7.CSMA with Collision Detection

8.Collision-Free Protocols

9.Limited-Contention Protocols

10.Adaptive Tree Walk Protocol

11.Wavelength Division Multiple Access Protocols

12.Wireless LAN Protocols

Ethernet Cabling
Manchester Encoding
The Ethernet MAC Sublayer Protocol
The Binary Exponential Backoff Algorithm
Ethernet Performance
Switched Ethernet
Fast Ethernet
Gigabit Ethernet
IEEE 802.2: Logical Link Control
Retrospective on Ethernet

14.Ethernet Cabling

15.Ethernet MAC Sublayer Protocol

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