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Monday, August 5, 2013

PPT On Introduction To Cyber Crime


Introduction To Cyber Crime Presentation Transcript: 
Types of cyber crime
How do we become a victim?
Prevention of being a victim.
Conclusion .

2.Modern age
Like there was a Stone Age and ice age, currently we are
 living in information age. We are surrounded by information,
 weather it is a school college university industry hospitals or
 government agencies very one is dealing with information.

3.Digitalized information
 Next import thing to understand is that this information is no more a paper based information. It has been digitalized. We have been storing information on computers hardisks, flash drives and many other storage mediums.

4.New era of internet
Until then it was not quite an issue
but then we step into the era of internet, where the
 information happens to be flying over offices cities
countries and continents. All the information transfer
started using transfer protocols like http ftp and their
were Ip and subnets involved. We grew our network to
 large extent and this leads us to vulnerability.

5.Security of digitalized information
With all this evolving around us by
time we understood the importance
of information security. It became a
great deal to secure all digitalized
information. Information security
raised many issues. Secure and
encrypted transfer of data or
communication over the wires and
wireless mediums, Individual or
personal data integrity and many
other such stuff was needed to be

6.What is a cyber crime?
With all this happening the world was introduced with a
 cyber crime. World first ever virus was developed by
Pakistanis world was known to another threat to
 information i.e. Cyber Crime. Cyber crime is termed as
 any crime that
involves a computer
 and a network,
 where the computers
 may or may not
 have played an
 instrumental part in the
commission of a crime. .

7.Types of cyber crime
• HACKING:An illegal intrusion into computer without 
permission of owner  is called hacking
• Email bombing :This kind of activity refers to sending
large numbers of mail to the victim, which may be an
 individual or a company or even mail servers there by
 ultimately resulting into crashing.

8.Types of cyber crime
Salami Attacks: In such crime criminal makes insignificant changes in such a manner that such changes would go unnoticed.
Denial of service attacks:The computer of the victim is flooded with more requests than it can handle which cause it to crash.

9.Virus: Viruses are programs that attach themselves to a computer or a file and then circulate themselves to other files and to other computers on a network. They usually affect the data on a computer, either by altering or deleting it.
Trojan attacks:     In software field this means an unauthorized programme, which passively gains control over another’s system by representing itself as an authorised programme.


11.How do we become a victim?
1.Beware of Phishing
Phishing is a new model cyberspace attack, in which the attacker masquerades a genuine entity and tricks you into providing important user information such as credit cards, account user names, passwords, etc.
Usually phishing starts with an email or an instant message, asking you to furnish important details or to ‘verify’ your account with the genuine entity Unsuspecting users, thus, may provide the original user name and password in this website and make themselves victims of the
 phishing attack (and may still remain
 unsuspecting). Once given, the phishing
 entity has a direct door opened to your
 personal information and your identity

12.How do we become a victim?
The term identity theft is used to refer to a fraud, wherein an individual pretends to be someone else, in order to gain some or the other benefits he is not rightfully entitled to. people using the Internet for financial transaction give out personal information, such as the date of birth or social security number, online. Sometimes they click on suspicious links or e-mails promising a hefty prize money which in turn provides way for identity

A person is first informed about a large amount of money languishing in some bank account in a remote country. This first contact is made via phone calls, fax and now, through e-mails. They are then told that the amount has to be transferred into the country, and asked whether they would let them use his or her bank account. Once a person agrees to such a transaction, they are then informed of delays due to government red tape. Finally, they are asked for a loan to pay off some bribes to government officials. After months of paying off small and large amounts, it finally transpires that there was never any money, gold or any other valuables that were first described in the original e-mail. mail. The person therefore stands to lose vast amounts of money. In some cases, people have also provided their bank passwords, only to have their entire accounts cleaned out

Sometimes  users get an e-mail account that seems to have come from a company they regularly do business with, and  asking for information that users. have already given them, in such cases users don’t try to contact with company ignoring that it can be fraudlent note and, the sender will
    then know that user’s  e-mail
    address is a valid one
    and he may be opening himself up
    to still moreunwanted e-mails from

A Trojan horse, or Trojan, is malware that appears to perform a desirable function for the user prior to run or install but instead facilitates unauthorized access of the user's computer system. "It is a harmful piece of software that looks legitimate. Users are typically tricked into loading
     and executing it on their systems"

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