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Friday, July 26, 2013


Presentation On XTie-RT


XTie-RT Presentation Transcript:

XTie-RT is a unique requirements management and analysis tool.
XTie-RT is the result of over 10 years of internal development and use within Teledyne Brown Engineering (TBE).
It features very fast access to requirements data and strong support for the requirements analysis process
XTie-RT tool provides ensures product quality and integrity by enforcing requirement traceability throughout a system development life cycle.

It manage critical programs in the areas of:  Proposal Management Requirements Capture Requirements Organization  Requirements Traceability  Quality Assurance Risk Analysis Requirements Validation.

4.XTIE Package
Xtie package consists of
Xtie Database
Basic Application
Client Application
The PC Version of the server product can support up to and including 64 simultaneous users.
 The Sun Version UNIX version of the server product can support up to and including 128 simultaneous users but does not include a Client Application.

5.Xtie Database
The XTie engine (XTie) is a hierarchical, special-purpose database server that is specifically designed to support the analysis and recovery of related textual data in separate databases.
The XTie database engine has an “open” interface built on RTML™ (Requirements Text Markup Language)
User don’t need to define database structures

XTie allows the user to categorize and catalog information in three
different ways (Parent/child relationships, functional or object hierarchy, attributes). These
mechanisms can be used collectively or separately. Once defined, XTie can recover information
based on this cataloged information almost instantaneously.

It automates the mundane tasks associated with requirements analysis and management.
It is easy to learn. 
its application can be quickly integrated into any management structure.
This tool increases productivity and efficiency.

    Product packaging provides a unique set of benefits.
Users can use Client applications to set up a database network that ranges in size from a single user to as many users as desired
This packaging approach provides a low-cost capability that can be made available to everyone on a project.
Another  advantage  in packaging each product for a specific application (e.g., requirements tracing, compliance, etc.), the user can literally install the software and begin using it.

9.Unlike most database applications, the user does not have to define and build a specific database file configuration and
User doesn’t have to be database expert in order to obtain the full benefit of the product.

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