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Friday, July 26, 2013


Presentation On GREY BOX TESTING

GREY BOX TESTING Presentation Transcript:

2.Introduction to  Gray Box Testing
Code Coverage testing involves “dynamic testing” methods of executing the product with pre-written test cases and finding out  how much of code has been covered.
 If  better coverage of a code is desired, several iterations of testing may be required.
For each covering those portions of code that were not covered  by earlier tests cases.
To do such type of testing, not only does not one need to understand the code and logic test cases that can cover good portions of the code.

3.Understanding of  code and logic means white box or structural testing whereas writing effective test cases mans black box testing. So, we need a combination of white box and black box techniques  for test effectiveness. This type of testing is known as “gray box testing.” We must thus understand that:
    White + Black = Gray

4.Black box  testing  focuses on software external  attributes and behavior. Such testing looks at an application’s expected behaviour from the users point.
White box testing/glass-box testing, however, tests software with knowledge of internal data structures,  physical logic, flow, and architecture at the source code level.
 White box testing looks at testing from the developer’s point of view.
Both black-box and white- box testing are critically important complements of a complete testing effort.

5.Individually, they do not allow for balanced testing. Black box testing can be less effective at  uncovering certain error types as data- flow errors or boundary condition errors at the source level. White box testing does not readily highlight macro level quality  risks in operating environmental comp ability, time-related errors and usability.  

6.Gray box testing incorporate the elements of both black box and white box testing.
It consider the outcome on the user end, system-specific technical knowledge and the operating environment. It  evaluates the application design in the context of the inter-operability of system components.
The gray box testing approach is integral to the effective testing of we application comprise numerous components, both software and hardware.
These components must be tested in the context of system design to evaluate  their functionality and compatibility.

7.Before tabulating the differences  between black box, gray box and white box testing techniques we must first understand  that when say test granularity, we mean the level of details.
And when we say the highest. It means that tall internals are known.

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