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Friday, July 26, 2013


Presentation On ASTRA SITE TEST

ASTRA SITE TEST Presentation Transcript:

Mercury Interactive's Astra SiteTest is a 'stress-testing' application for Web sites that lets administrators determine how a Web site will perform under a heavy load.
Astra LoadTest enables you to test standard Web objects and ActiveX controls.
Webmasters can generate millions of actual hits against a Web server, with point and click ease, to help ensure performance and reliability of Internet/intranet applications.
Web sites must be able to support millions of anticipated hits every day and deliver the performance required or it may discourage users from returning to a site and risk critical sales opportunities from site failure. Astra SiteTest helps Webmasters solve the problem of poor web site performance and failure.

3.Astra Site Test Continued…
Example: IBM Olympic site and the CNN Interactive Election Day site, had to almost completely terminate their services due to peak loads. These are prime examples where the Web server could not support the increased user load.
Thus, Astra SiteTest is used to let Web masters stress test their Web site easily, with minimal testing resources.

PLATFORM: The product runs on Windows 95 and Windows NT and works with any combination of Web-server peripherals and software.

Web User Generator component: It records each URL in a test script.
Controller Component: It begins a separate process or task for each simulated user and records the result and response time.
Analysis component: Users can view test results.
Virtual User Recorder: It records each step we perform and generates a test that graphically displays this step in an icon-based test tree.
Astra LoadTest Controller: Its used to run load tests and analyze the Web application’s performance under load.

5.Virtual User Recorder

6.Astra Load Test Controller
The Virtual User Recorder enables us to customize our test to accurately measure the performance of our Web application under load.
Some performance measuring factors can be:
Rendezvous Points
Run-time options

To measure the performance of the server, transactions are defined. A transaction represents a step or a set of steps that we want to measure.

8.Rendezvous Points: During the scenario run, we instruct multiple Vusers to perform tasks
simultaneously by creating a rendezvous point. This ensures that:
? intense user load is emulated
? transactions are measured under the load of multiple Vusers.
A rendezvous point is a meeting place for Vusers. When the rendezvous statement is interpreted, the Vuser is held by the Controller until all the members of the rendezvous arrive. When all the Vusers have arrived (or a time limit is reached), they are released together and perform the next task in their Vuser scripts.

9.Setting Run-Time Options:
Astra LoadTest run-time options affect how your test runs in a load testing scenario. The run-time settings are only used when load testing in the Controller.
Run-time Settings contain
     the following tabbed pages:

10.LOG: The Log tab options indicate what type of output messages Astra LoadTest should send to the output file.

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