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Friday, July 26, 2013


Presentation On VITAL LINK

VITAL LINK Presentation Transcript: 
1. VITAL LINK: A Requirement Management Tool

2. What is Requirement Management?
Requirements management is the process of ensuring that people are aware of requirements they have and do not have.
 A systematic approach to
And managing
the changing requirements of a software project.

3.Requirement Management Tool
A requirement management tool is one that facilitates requirement management.
Identification of "individual" requirements.
Assignment to a destination and sorting of requirements.
Requirement group (collection) revision identification .
Providing a basic data interface.

4.What is Vital Link ??
Vital Link is a Requirement management tool from Compliance Automation.
Built on Adobe FrameMaker.
Integration of word processor and database.

5.How it Works??
Vital Link utilizes a relational database which enables users to import existing documents from a variety of different word processors, and automatically parse the document which then can be ready for the user to edit, link entities, add attributes or generate reports.

6.How it Works??

7.Why It is Used?
Information stored in the vital link can be filtered and used to create reports & generate metrics.
Possible to create tables , graphics and complex mathematical formulae.

Works on Multiuser Environment and supports both requirement documentation and requirement management.
Supports multiple project at one time.

Traceability is provided using links.
provide reporting  facility.
Since it uses adobe framemaker all type of document can be created.

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