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Friday, July 26, 2013

PPT On Caliber Requirement Management Tool

Presentation On Caliber Requirement Management Tool

Caliber Requirement Management Tool Presentation Transcript:
1.Caliber – Requirement Management Tool

What is caliber tool?
Why is caliber tool used?
How is it used ?
A screenshot of the tool

3.What are requirement management tools ?
Requirements Management Tools assist organizations in defining and documenting requirements by allowing them to store requirements in a central location

4.What is caliber ?
It is a requirement management tool which can be customized to support many requirements processes.
It enables software teams to deliver on key project milestones with greater accuracy and predictability

5.What is Caliber ?
Caliber provides a Windows Explorer-like workplace for manipulating the hierarchical requirements tree, with requirement details accessible through a tabbed dialog on the right side of the screen.

  Project teams can then access the requirements to determine what is to be developed, and customers can access the requirements to ensure that their needs were correctly specified. This also aids the process of classifying and prioritizing requirements.

6.Why caliber?
   One central repository:  It provides a central, secure repository for all project requirements.
Requirements Analysis:  Spreadsheet views permit sorting and prioritizing requirements according to  cost and value.
Security: Centralized repository provides security, visibility and availability to all requirements data.

7.Requirements Traceability:
    It lets you link software requirements to a variety of artefacts across the lifecycle

Diverse client set: includes clients for a variety of users, such as Web, Eclipse, Microsoft® Visual Studio® (including Team System) and Windows.

Adaptability: Caliber RM adapts to fit your processes, bringing speed and agility to the software requirements management process

8.Features Integration with testing tools

End-to-end impact analysis: Multiple methods for visualizing traceability help users to understand immediately the scope of analysis necessary to gauge the impact of a specific change

9.How does caliber tool manage  requirements ?
Change Management
   For Each change  a unique history Record is created.

    Differences between the requirements between two versions of requirements can be easily spotted.

10.2)Online Publishing:

   Team members with a network connection access to requirements data

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