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Friday, July 26, 2013

PPT On Text

Presentation On Text

Text Presentation Transcript: 

2.Words and symbols in any form, spoken or written, are the most common system of communication
Multimedia Authors weave words, symbols, sounds & images and then blend text into the mix to create integrated tools & interfaces for acquiring, displaying messages & data.
GO BACK is more powerful then Previous, TERRIFIC is better then That Answer was correct.

TYPEFACE: is a family of characters that usually includes many type sizes & styles
FONT: collection of characters of single size and style belonging to a particular typeface family
Type sizes are usually expressed in points, one point is .0138 inch
Font size is the distance from the top of the capital letters to the bottom of the descenders in letters such as g and y.
Font size doesn’t exactly describe the height or width of character.

4.Character Metrics are the general measurements applied to individual characters
Kerning: is the spacing between the character pairs
Tracking: is the process of adjusting spacing between the characters
Body width of each character can be regular, condensed or expanded

Case sensitive
Case insensitive
Intercap: Placing an uppercase letter in the middle of a word

Simplest way to categorize a typeface
Serif is the little decoration at the end of a letter stroke eg Times.
Sans means without
Verdana, Arial are sans serif
Serif fonts are used for body text to guide the reader’s eye along the line of text.
Sans serif fonts are used for headlines and bold statements

7.Designing with TextYour choice of font size and the number of headlines you place on a particular screen must be related both to the complexity of your message
Interactive website- large amount of text
Presentation-relevant matter

8.Choosing Text Fonts
Use as few different faces as possible
Use italics and bold styles where required
Proper line spacing
Varying the text size according to the importance of message
Ransom Note Typography: Using too many fonts on the same page.
Proper kerning

9.Proper effects of different colors and different background.
Anti-aliasing: blends the colors along the edges of the letters (dithering) to create a soft transition between letters and backgrounds
Using Drop Shadows
Use meaningful words for links and menu items

10.Menus for navigation
Buttons for interaction
Fields for reading
HTML documents
Animating Text
Symbols and icons
Font editing & Designing tools (Fontographer) 

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