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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

PPT On European Citizenship

Presentation On European Citizenship

European Citizenship Presentation Transcript:
1.European Citizenship: More than 50 years together!

2.How would you define Europe?
a cooperation between countries
a political and economical definition
Important evolutions throughout the history
The EU

3.a European space of values and history
a cultural definition
One European culture?
Linked to context of use

4.What are the main European Institutions?
The European Parliament
The European Commission

5.What are the main European Institutions?
The Council of the European Union
The European council

6.What are the main European Institutions?
Court of Justice
Court of Auditors

7.Who is representing the EU?

8.What is the EU doing today? or what have they ever done for us…

9.Why are you here?
The possibility to get a grant…
The money of the grant comes from...
Yes, from the EU!
to be more precise of the European Commissioner in charge of Education, training, culture & multilingualism: Androulla Vassiliou
through budget recognition by the European Parliament, via specific programmes

10.Where is ‘the EU’ situated?
The main locations of the European Institutions
Different institutions (European Parliament, Commission, Council…)
European Parliament
Court of Justice, court of auditors, EP…
The European Central Bank

11.How many people are living in the EU?
Some statistics (world: 6,525,171,264 inhabitants)

12.Let’s go into more details…
about the EU and its memberstates
The European Commission?
The European Parliament?
Are these words also used in your own country?
An overview of the 27 EU-countries…

13.Government type: federal republic
Legislative branch:  bicameral Federal Assembly or Bundesversammlung consists of Federal Council or Bundesrat and the National Council or Nationalrat
Executive branch: President + Chancellor + Council of Ministers

14.Government type: federal parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy
Legislative branch: bicameral parliament ( senate and Chamber of Deputies)
Executive branch: King + Prime Minister + Council of Ministers

15.Government type: parliamentary democracy
Legislative branch: unicameral National Assembly or Narodno Sobranie
Executive branch: President + PM + Council of Ministers 

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