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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

PPT On Constructive Productivity Model COPROMO

Constructive Productivity Model COPROMO PPT

Constructive Productivity Model COPROMO Presentation Transcript:
1.Constructive Productivity Model   (COPROMO)

COPROMO helps in predicting the most cost effective allocation of investment resources in new technologies , with the intent of improving productivity.
The model is based on the use of COCOMO® II and CORADMO as valuation mechanisms.
The implementation approach uses a representative prototypical application from the domain of concern to the senior management, and the identification of "technology" drivers and time frames.
Estimates cost of constructing software.
Estimates projected effects over time.

  Allows mixed strategies on investments:

  One driver, more detailed.
  Thus, narrower & deeper.
  Estimates cost of constructing software.      
  Estimates projected effects over time.

Decision assistant for
Software Engineering Senior Management
Strategic Planning

Identify prototypical application
Benchmark current developments in domain
Select time frames and technologies
Specify COCOMO-II driver values per technology & time
    Scale Factors
    Effort Multipliers: product, platform, personnel and project
Specify CORADMO driver values per technology & time
    Stage distribution percentages
    Schedule and Effort multipliers
Run the Evaluator


6.Identify prototypical application:
   Representative of domain.
   Average/target size.
Benchmark current developments in domain
  Run COCOMO-II on recent projects.
  Perform local calibration.
  Analyze the driver values.
  Select representative values.

7.Select time frames and technologies
    Time frames typically eight to fifteen years; long enough to have technologies evolve and mature
    Technologies: relatively clearly defined, one should be commercial and specific
Specify COCOMO-II, CORADMO driver values per technology & time
    Delphi or modified-Delphi (preferred)
    Record driver values over time with rationales
    (Evaluator Tool designed to assist)

8.Run the Evaluator:
  The Technology Impact Analyzer is a multi-sheet Excel Workbook that shows the
  impacts of the COCOMO II and CORADMO drivers projected over time and technology-type on a selected domain’s typically sized application. The sheets include an overview and sheets for the COCOMO-II.1998 , COSSEMO and CORADMO drivers, data and their impacts.

9. TIA Abbreviations and Sheet Descriptions

10.Impact of Technologies on Software Effort or Cost

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