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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

PPT On A Case Study On Olympic Products

Presentation On A Case Study On Olympic Products

A Case Study On Olympic Products Presentation Transcript:
1. A  Case Study On Olympic Products :  Athens 2004

2.Topics Covered  by
Buyer Satisfaction
Purchasing Decision
Promotional  Tools

Over the past years ,sports
marketing has received increased attention from academics & professionals .It is now accepted into the generic framework of marketing of services /products & the environment in which they are produced . Customers buy sports offerings consisting of goods, services , information ,personal attention & other components.

4.The fundamental principles of
the OLYMPIC spirit aims to
Contribute to a peaceful and better world by educating youth through sport practiced without discrimination of any kind.
   Olympic licensing programs are targeted to market officially licensed products & merchandise from the Olympic family . Visitors buy and consume Olympic souvenirs & goods with Olympic logos & symbols that remind them of the games and Organizing City.

5.Athens 2004 Olympic products
were more than simple souvenir
products .They bore the Athens 2004   emblem & its characteristics , representing the visual identity of the Athens 2004 Olympic games .They expressed the return of the games to their country of origin & communicate their timeless values.
   Thus the scope of this case study is to analyze the attitude of consumers ,purchasing decision towards Olympic products.

6.Previous sport Marketing
Researches have focused on
different marketing issues like

?Quality Principles
?Values & Satisfaction
?Marketing & Promotion
?Sport consumption
?Globalization effects

7.Despite the aforementioned findings marketing research on the role of product  , price & intended usage situation on Olympic Products seems to have fallen behind . The Beijing organizing committee for the games therefore, has urged consumers to buy Olympic products from licensed  stores .

8. Research  Methodologies                     
It is an Exploratory  Quantitative
  Research conducted during the spring of 2003 , one year before the Athens Olympic games . Data collection is based on a Structured Questionnaire of a sample of 170 people.
The scope of this research is to examine consumer attitude towards Olympic Products , their purchasing behaviors ,the impact of various promotional activities on  their attitude.

9.This study is divided into 3 stages .
The first two stages refers to the collection of data and  the third two statistical analysis .
 Based on the existing literature review & preliminary qualitative research a questionnaire was compiled , which was used in the 1st & 2nd stages .In order to the measure the attitude of Olympic products’ consumers , 5-level Likert scales where used (strongly agree =5,strongly disagree=1)

10.The 2nd stage of data collection was baesd on a structured questionnaire  & refers  to the quantitative market research.
  The 3rd stage involved a series of detailed statistical analysis of data, from which findings emerged & lead to several conclusions.

11.In the research 90 men & 80 women consumers participated, representing 57% & 43% respectively.

12.Of the participants 63% are 18 – 29 yrs of age , while the remaining 27% of are 30 – 50 yrs of age.

13.34% of the participants declaration of income is up to €600 , while 605 declared income above €600 .

14.Out of 170 participants only 49 persons   claimed to have purchased an Olympic product , corresponding to 29% of total sample.

15.Consumer expectations  on  Olympic  products                      

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