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Thursday, August 1, 2013

PPT On Water And Minerals

Presentation On Water And Minerals

Water And Minerals Presentation Transcript:
1.Water And Minerals

2.Calcium and Phosphorus
Used to build bones and teeth.
99% of total body calcium is found in bones and teeth.
Calcium and Phosphate crystals bond together to form HYDROXYAPATITE.

3.Hydroxyapatite is what gives bones strength.
Bones are being rebuilt each day, therefore the calcium in the bones is constantly changing.
Now calcium in teeth has a similar role.
However the mineral turnover is not as rapid as that in bones

4.Calcium also circulates in the blood
There is a constant level maintained so that it is always available when needed.
Helps: muscles contract, nerves transmit impulses and blood to clot
Can also help lower blood pressure

5.Phosphorus also circulates in the blood
Involved in metabolism
Part of DNA and needed to grow
Buffers both acids and bases in all the body’s cells.
Milk and milk products are excellent sources of calcium and phosphorus.

Found in all body tissues
60% of it is found in bones
The other 40% is distributed between the soft tissues such as muscles and blood.
The body works hard to keep blood levels of magnesium constant.

7.Magnesium is essential for  systems responsible for energy metabolism.
Building bones and maintaining teeth
Muscle relaxation and nerve transmission.
Keeps the immune system working.

8.These are some of the different foods that contain magnesium.
Buckwheat Flour and Bulghur, dry contain the highest amount of magnesium in this

Part of the electrolytes group(sodium, potassium, &chloride)
 Sodium is a positively charged ion that is found mostly in the fluid outside the cells.
The major source of sodium in the diet is salt
Many processed foods are high in sodium
High Blood pressure also known as hypertension is the most important health issue caused by overconsumption of sodium
Do not consume more than 1500mg per day

Also an electrolyte
Found in the fluid inside individual body cells
Helps maintain water balance and acid base balance
Helps muscles contract
Helps maintain a healthy heartbeat
Helps send nerve impulses.

Also an electrolyte
Helps maintain water balance and acid base balance
Part of hydrochloric acid which is highly concentrated in stomach juices.
Aids in protein digestion, destroys harmful bacteria, and increases the absorption of calcium and iron.

One of the most abundant metals
Most important in the body
Key component of hemoglobin
Also part of  myoglobin
Works with enzymes in energy metabolism
Necessary for the body to produce energy

13.15% of the body’s iron is stored in  the bone marrow, spleen and liver for future use
Meat, Poultry, and Fish are great sources of iron

14.15% of the body’s iron is stored in  the bone marrow, spleen and liver for future use
Meat, Poultry, and Fish are great sources of iron

15.Required in extremely small amounts
Once in the body, iodine is chemically changed to iodide.
Most in the world is found in seawater.

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