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Thursday, August 1, 2013

PPT On Red Paper Clip

Story of the Red Paper Clip

Red Paper Clip Presentation Transcript:
1.Story of the Red Paper Clip

2.How it all began …On July 12, 2005, while living in Montreal, Kyle Macdonald launched an unlikely sequence of online trades which would earn both him and the town of Kipling Saskatchewan Canada places in the Guinness Book of World Records.

3.Starting with
a single red paper clip, the young entrepreneur began “trading up”

4.Kyle traded
the paper clip for a fish-shaped pen

5.The fish shaped pen for a
unique door knob

6.The door knob for a
camp stove

7.The camp stove for a

8.Which was traded for a
keg party !

9.Other trades were for
a snowmobile, and a snowmobiling adventure to Yahk British Columbia Canada

10.And it continues
A cube van, a recording contract, a year’s condo rental in Phoenix, Arizona USA

11.for a day with Alice Cooper !

The entrepreneur arranged for a double switch with Actor-Director Corbin Bernsen, an avid collector, who agreed to accept a “KISS” snow globe in exchange for a role in an upcoming Hollywood movie

13.The movie role was offered online and Bert Roach, who was Kipling’s Economic Development Officer at the time, proposed to Council that an offer be made.

14.The Final Trade
After some negotiation, Kipling traded the house at 503 Main Street in exchange for the movie role. That final trade was made on July 12, 2006, one year to the day after Kyle Macdonald had begun his world record trade sequence with a single paper clip. The house itself is now most often referred to as “The Red Paper Clip House”.

15.With terms
As a part of the terms of the trade, Kipling also erected the World’s Largest Red Paper Clip, which was unveiled July 12, 2007.

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