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Thursday, August 1, 2013

PPT On Role of a Student

Presentation On Role of a Student

Role of a Student Presentation Transcript:
1.Role of a Student

A person formally engaged in learning, study,
investigation, or
examining of something thoughtfully.

3.Role:  Characteristics, Expected Behavior and Duties attached to a social status.

4.   Role of a student
Setting of appropriate Aims and Objectives
Time Management
Obedience and Respect

5.We need to realize
Students of today are the leaders of tomorrow…
….A Nation without Literacy is just like a Vehicle without Fuel…

6.Leaving all the work till the end would increase the burden..
And can result in physical and Mental disturbance…
Planning is required..

7. Rights of Students
Its not all about the roles and duties..
Students should be provided with an environment that enables effective learning and encourages Active Participation.

8.Student  Responsibility doesn’t just happen, we must expect it, Foster it and Nurture it…!!

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