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Thursday, August 1, 2013

PPT On The Human Resource Manager

Presentation On The Human Resource Manager

The Human Resource Manager Presentation Transcript:
1.The Human Resource Manager

2.Human Resource Management
Why is there a need?
Aims of HR Manager
Responsibilities of HR Manager

3.Recruitment and Selection
Job Description
Job Person Specification

Quality and Efficiency
Cuts cost
Lack of skills can cause quality to fall

5.Human Resource Planning
Future Plans
Unpredictable nature of business

Material Rewards
Available Budget
Opportunities for workers

7.HRM or Personnel?
Human Resource Approach
Accomplishment of targets
Security and Respect to staff

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virtual recruiter said...

Great Presentation....the presentation was a nice introduction of the job profile of a human resource manager, his roles and responsibilities. I find this content very interesting.

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