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Thursday, August 1, 2013

PPT On Introduction To Renewable Energy

Presentation On Introduction To Renewable Energy

Introduction To Renewable Energy Presentation Transcript:
1.Renewable Energy

2.Present Energy Resources
Fossil fuels - coal, oil, gas are all of limited amounts. Cant be replaced.
Nuclear fuels -limited amounts of uranium for nuclear fission reactors but reprocessing of fuel possible.
Difficult to estimate how long these fuels will last - but  is it sustainable economically or environmentally?

3.Renewable Energy
What is renewable energy?
What forms does it take?
Why is it needed?
Targets exist for renewable energy to generate 10% of electricity by 2010 and 20% by 2020!
Can these be achieved?
What forms of renewable energy will deliver these targets?

4.Forms of Renewable Energy
All sources of energy ultimately come from the sun.
This is particularly obvious in the case of renewable energies.

5.Solar cells
convert light into a small electrical output -milliwatts output.
need a bank/array of cells for useful output.
cost of cells is high but reducing.
efficiency of cells is up to 23%/ improving.

6.Solar Panels
are situated on roof of building.
absorb heat in the form of radiation from sun.
basically system is like a domestic central heating radiator painted black/insulated.
provides “topping up”
of domestic hot water.

7.Solar Roof tiles (Solar Grants now available)

8.Wind Turbines

Each windturbine can produce between 1/4 and 2 MW of electrical power.
Windfarm needs to be located where there is a relatively high average wind speed.

10.Offshore Wind Turbines

11.Offshore Wind Cluster Features
Larger average wind speed than onshore
Easier planning consent
Technical expertise exists from oil rig experience
Suitable location

12.Tidal Power
Located at some coastal sites - usually estuaries and bays with large tidal range.
Shape of coastal site above and below sea level determines range eg Bay of Funday, Severn.
 At high tide reservoir of water is created which is allowed to ebb through turbines located in dam.
Expensive construction.

13.Biomass Plant in Fife
Plant burns poultry litter and produces 10MW of electricity and fertiliser
Fluidised bed boiler ensures efficient burning and low emissions

Major difficulties in attaining target of 10% of electricity generated by renewables by 2010
Main contributors to this target will be :-
Offshore and Onshore windfarms/clusters
Biomass/wood, straw, etc
But policies like Climate Change Levy and the Renewables Obligation will help establish renewables.

15.Relevant Websites (for energy statistics, indicators, new and renewable energy)

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