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Saturday, July 27, 2013

PPT On Weather Resource System for India

Presentation On Weather Resource System for India

Weather Resource System for India Presentation Transcript: 
1.Weather Resource    System for India

2.About the Institution
National Informatics Centre (NIC) is a premier S & T institution of the Government of India, established in 1976, for providing e-Government / e- Governance Solutions adopting best practices, integrated services and global solutions in Government Sector.
 NIC provides a rich and varied range of ICT services delineated below:
                      ->Digital Archiving and Management
                      ->IT Training for Government Employees

The website made by the National Informatics Center was particularly used for weather forecasting and satellite imagery Analysis, but now it’s no longer in use, has been shut down due to some reasons.

 A new modified system was required to develop and design from the existing system to access weather forecasts of various cities across India.

4.Drawbacks of Existing System
Web based, but some old hyperlinks were not working.

Not GUI based.

Drop Down List was not there for easy access of any cities.

5.Existing System

6.Features of New System
The System is portable and easy to install on window operating system.

Easy to use GUI .

Provide easy access to the weather forecasts and satellite cloud imagery details for predicting cyclones, floods and droughts.

7 Technologies Used
Microsoft visual studio 2008
  Language used is Visual C#.
  C# -- Simple, Powerful & Object Oriented.
  Provide RAD.

8. Screenshots

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