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Saturday, July 27, 2013




    A table of values arranged in rows and columns is a Spreadsheet. Each value can have a predefined relationship to the other values. Rows are typically labeled using numbers(1, 2, 3, etc.) while columns are labeled with letters(A, B, C, etc.). Individual row/column locations, such as B3 or C12 are referred to as cells and these cells allow the data to be analyzed using formulas and calculations.

3.Applications of Spreadsheet -
    A simple example of a useful spreadsheet application is one that calculates mortgage payments for a house. You would define five cells:
1. Total cost of the house
2. Down payment
3. Mortgage rate
4. Mortgage term
5. Monthly payment

4. Once you had defined how these cells depend on one another, you could enter numbers and play with various possibilities. For example, keeping all the other values the same, you could see how different mortgage rates would affect your monthly payments.
     Similarly, spreadsheets can be used for maintaining accounts, records of students, marks, food Items, stationary, goods, etc.
     Visicalc is usually considered the first electronic spreadsheet (although this has been challenged), and it helped turn the Apple II computer into a success and greatly assisted in their widespread application. LOTUS 1-2-3 was the leading spreadsheet when DOS was the dominant operating system. EXCEL now has the largest market share on the Windows and Macintosh platforms.

5.Advantages of Spreadsheets -
Entering data :
     A worksheet allows you to enter text, numerical values and formulas into an electronic worksheet. The majority of popular spreadsheet programs have more than 200 columns and 1000 rows.

Editing :
     With spreadsheets, it is simple to save your work, update data as it changes and compare estimates to actual data.

Calculations :
    A spreadsheet makes calculating numerical data much more efficient than adding machines. Your calculations are automatically when you change data in cells that are part of the formula.
6.Data Analysis :
   A spreadsheet is a useful tool for sorting and analyzing data. You can use labels to sort information, such as dates, names or prices in ascending or descending order. Charts and tables are also created for data analysis in a spreadsheet.

7.Disadvantages of Spreadsheet -
You can very quickly corrupt spreadsheets by altering very little of the content. And that's extremely hard to trace. If you've got no means of verifying them, or no audit process surrounding them, that's a massive risk. Anybody who has got access to you PC can copy and paste and steal valuable information in seconds.

If you make an error in your formula, every single calculation done on that spreadsheet will be wrong.

If you are not familiar with spreadsheets, it can take a long time to adjust to all the formulas, which is very hard.

Spreadsheets are restricted to a limited number of records.

May require a large amount of hard-drive space for data storage.

Cannot create reports like databases .

    Presentation software is a tool used to create visual presentations. These presentations are usually delivered in a slide show format, and can be created with a variety of programs. The programs make it possible to combine text and graphic elements to convey important information to a group of people all at once.
   Each presentation software allows users to develop a slide show presentation; however, the methods for viewing the presentation may vary from program to program.

   ? Of all the presentation software, Microsoft Powerpoint is the most popular.

9.Types of Presentation Software -
PowerPoint :
   The most popular presentation software used in offices, schools, teaching, etc. It is used for creating effective presentations with animations, graphs, charts, etc. with different themes and designs.

 Flash :
   For stunning presentations that you can also put on-line Flash is by far the best presentation technology on the market. The animation effects and the ability to import video are stunning.

Open Office Impress :
   Open Office Impress is the free open source presentation technology. It contains a number of features not available in PowerPoint.

10.Photoshop :
    If you want to make your presentations fly then you will need a way of easily editing images – for example to adjust the colors, or make images transparent.
   There are even other presentation software that are used for making effective and splendid presentations. 

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