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Saturday, July 27, 2013

PPT On Project Quality Management Plus

Presentation On Project Quality Management Plus

Project Quality Management Plus Presentation Transcript:
1.Project Quality Management

2.What Is Project Quality Management plus?
PQMPlus™ is a productivity/quality measurement system developed for software development project managers and measurement specialists.
PQMPlus™ is a benchmarking and measurement tool with a robust function point that provides project estimating based on historical data, project scheduling, and risk assessments.
PQMPlus™  have been designed to work to share relevant data to aid in the production of software measurement report.

PQMPlus™ has received Type 1 and Type 2 certification from IFPUG, and is the only measurement tool available today that has received this level of certification. IFPUG Type 2 Certification requires PQMPlus™ be an "Expert system that aids in the counting of function points."

4.The Importance of Project Quality Management
Many people joke about the poor quality of IT products
 People seem to accept systems being down occasionally or needing to reboot their PCs
 But quality is very important in many IT projects

5.Why Use PQM Plus?
The purpose of the Quality Plan is to detail how the quality processes for the Realising Project Benefits project will be implemented to ensure that the project outputs are delivered fit-for-purpose.
 The Realising Project Benefits Quality Management Plan includes the following components:
• Quality Assurance – to ensure quality project management processes
• Quality Control – to ensure the development of quality outputs.

6.Quality Assurance tools:-

7.Quality Control
The main outputs of quality control are:
Acceptance decisions
Process adjustments

8. How the project quality management works ?
Implies the ability to anticipate situations  and prepare actions to bring about the desired outcome.
Important to prevent defects by:
Selecting proper materials.
Training people in quality.
Planning a process that ensures the appropriate outcome.

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