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Saturday, July 27, 2013

PPT On Multimedia Skills And Training

Presentation On Multimedia Skills And Training

Multimedia Skills And Training Presentation transcript: 
1.Multimedia Skills & Training

2.Multimedia Skills
Multimedia Project involves entire team.
Each team member performs his task to complete the project.
Roles of the team members are not well defined, they may overlap

3.Responsibility of Multimedia Designer
Need to analyze content & match it up with effective presentation methods
Should be able to view his own view point according to the users
Looks at the overall content of the project
Creates a structure for the content

Creates Interactivity
Analyze the content, synthesize it & then communicate it in a clear & concise manner
Quality of interaction is much higher

5.Project Manager
Responsible for overall development & implementation of a project as well as for day to day operation
Budgets, schedules, creative sessions, timesheets, illness, invoices
Major role in Design & Management
Scheduling and assigning task, running meetings, managing milestones
Must Understand the strengths and limitations of hardware and software

6.Multimedia Designer
Qualities of multimedia Project:
Look & feel should be pleasing & aesthetic
Good mix of color, shape & type
Navigational clues should be clear & consistent
Icons should be meaningful
Screen elements should be simple & straightforward

7.Interface Designer
Interface provides access to multimedia data & provides control to the people who use it

Effective use of windows
Ease of use
Interface designer may also be the multimedia designer/graphics designer

8.Video Specialist
May be a single person with camcorder or responsible for entire team of videographers, sound technicians, actors etc.
Must be a skilled professional, managing all phases of production from concept to final edit
Should know the basics of shooting good video
Must understand potentials and limitations of media

9.Audio Specialist
Locating & selecting suitable music & talent, scheduling recording sessions, digitizing and editing recorded material into computer files
Should have a thorough understanding of needs and requirements involved in producing a successful sound tracks
The person will be either an engineer, technician, composer, sound designer or any combination of the above.

10.Multimedia Programmer
Integrates all the multimedia elements of a project using some authoring tool or programming language
Without programming ,No Multimedia
Manage all the peripherals, complex timings, record keeping
Should have better communication skills

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