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Saturday, July 27, 2013

PPT On RequisitePro

Presentation On RequisitePro

RequisitePro Presentation Transcript:

2.What is RequisitePro?
A powerful, easy-to-use requirements management tool
Helps teams manage project requirements comprehensively, promotes communication and collaboration among team members
Reduces project risk

3.Why Use RequisitePro?
Team Collaboration and User Satisfaction

Flexibility Through the Web Component

Change Management

Comprehensive Process Support

4.What is requirements management?
It is a systematic approach to eliciting, organizing, and documenting the requirements of a system
It is a process that establishes and maintains agreement between the customer and the project team on the changing requirements of a system.

5.What should you consider when managing a project?
What is the business problem you are trying to solve, and who has a stake in its resolution?
What features are essential to a solution?
How can the proposed solution be described in language that can be understood by technical and non-technical people?
What are the available resources (time, people, money)?
How should requirements be prioritized?

6.How can one verify that the system will function as described and perform with acceptable speed and efficiency?
How can dependency relationships between requirements be traced?
How can changes to the system be limited and negotiated so that the product can be completed and stakeholders remain engaged?
What is the procedure for reviewing and resolving changes to requirements?

7.The Problems of Requirements Management
Requirements are not always obvious and have many sources.
 Requirements are not always easy to express clearly in words.
 Many different types of requirements at different levels of detail must be managed.
 The number of requirements can become unmanageable if not controlled.
 Requirements are related to one another and to other deliverables of the process in a variety of ways.
Requirements change.
Requirements can be time-sensitive.

8.Project Templates
RequisitePro provides the following project templates:
Use-Case Template (using a use-case methodology)
Traditional Template (using standard software requirements)
Composite Template (a combination of the Use Case and Traditional templates)

9.A project includes a database
It can also include documents
Included in the database :
document types
glossary document, vision statement, use cases
requirement types
categories of requirements such as features, use cases, supplementary specifications
requirement attributes
describe the requirements in terms of priority, status, stability, and other characteristics that you define

10.Document Type
 gives the overall view of the system: main characteristics, major features, key stakeholder needs, and key services provided.
a tool to capture and define the terms used in the project.
Use-case specification.
a format to express functional requirements in sequence.  A sequence of actions a system performs that yields an observable result (a work output) of value to a particular actor.
Supplementary specification.
captures any requirements that cannot be tied directly to any specific use case, and especially many of the nonfunctional requirements and design constraints. 

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