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Thursday, July 25, 2013

PPT On Medical Store Management System

Presentation On Medical Store Management System

Medical Store Management System Presentation Transcript:
1.Medical  Store  Management  System

Project Name : Medical Store Management System
 Project Type : Medical Store Management
 Team Members :  1   Ranpariya Pramod .C.
                                  2   Panaliya Vijay .V.
 Client Introduction : Kishan Medical Store Gondal
                                      Sukrupa Medical Store Rajkot

On the Successful Completion of Project we would especially like to thanks Mr. Janual Sir for giving us through out the project guidance and for his constant support and help in design and implementation of this project.     We are also thankful to Anand Madam and Hetal Madam for this encouragement and exclusive guidance,without which we would have been lacking something.     We are grateful to Mr.Kamaljit sir and Mr.Krunal sir,Shree M. & N.Virani Science College,for all the facilities they provide us thought out our academic and for encouraging us to take us the activity. We would also like to Mr.Ravi sir and Vaishali Madam for this encouragement and the rest of faculties and staff members of Shree M. & N. Virani Science College their cooperation.     Moreover we would also like to thank our friends and peers and last but not least we are grateful to our parents and our HHH group for support and unconditional help which made our project a  real success.

Computer technology has provided beneficial in many ways,from visible ,spectacular to routine. Now a day there may not be any place where the computer will not be there to help the great human being. Computer has made the routine work so easy,comfortable and fast that it has totally changed the life of the common human being.
        Our software is developed for a routine Medical Store Work. A few years back the work of these kinds of Medical Store Was not only manual but also time and lots of labor work consuming.
        The routine Medical Store on paper transaction may raise many problems like large and bulky economic as well as user database.
Advantages of  this software : -
        1  Easy and Fast routine work
        2  Search for particular user choice becomes so fast and accurate that attracts the users.
        3 Reduce the work burden in easy and most accurate  way
        Moreover the system can also generate customized reports on various conditions for keepings the track of currents as well as past records.
        This system is capable of handling  the large database better and can display past information’s or  transactions done with different people as well done with the different items then manual systems.

5.Introduction to VB
Visual Basic comes in three flavors :-
     (1) The Visual Basic Learning Edition
     (2) The Visual Basic Professional Edition
     (3)  The Visual Basic Enterprise Edition
  The Visual Learning Edition
      It is the introductory edition that lets you easily create  Windows
  The Visual Basic Professional Edition
      This  edition is for the computer professionals and includes advanced
      features such as  tools to develop ActiveX and  Internet controls.
  The Visual Basic Enterprise Edition
        This is the most advanced edition and is aimed to programmers who build
        distributed applications in a team environment.

6.Introduction to Oracle
Oracle is the most widely used database in the world. It runs virtually kind of computer , from PCs and Macintoshes.
        To minicomputers and giant mainframes. It virtually identically on all these machines, so fact makes knowledgeable ORACLE users and developed very much in demand, and makes your ORACLE knowledge and skills very portable.
        Every business enterprise maintains large volumes of data for its operations. With more people accessing this data for their work the need to maintain its integrity  and relevance increase. Normally , with the traditional methods  and validity are very high.
        Oracle is the most widely used database in the world. It runs virtually every kind of computer, from PCs and Macintoshes,to minicomputers and giant mainframes. It functions virtually identically on all these machines,so that when you learn it on one, you can use it on any other.
        Oracle 8 is an Object Oriented Management System (ORDBMS).It offers capabilities of both relational and object – oriented database systems.In general objection can be defined as reusable software codes, which are location independent and specific task on any application environment with little Or no change to code.

7.Client – Server Model
Client Server architecture is a process involving a minimum of two independent entities ,one is client and the other is the server. The client makes a request to the server and the sever services the requests and the resulting data is sent to the client,in this application .
        Server services the requests and the resulting data is sent to the client. In this application,two separate applications operating independently could work together to complete a task.
        Designing an efficient client/server application is some – what of balancing act,the goal of which is to evenly distribute execution of tasks among processors while making optimal  use of Available resources. Given the increased complexity and processing power required to manage a graphical user interface (GUI) and the increased demands for throughput on database servers and networks , achieving the proper distribution of tasks is challenging.

8.What Is RDBMS ?
A Relational database is a database structured on the relational model. A Relational Database Management System or RDBMS is a suite of software programs that can be used for crating,maintaining,modifying and manipulating a relational database. It can also be used to create the application that a user will for interacting with the data stored within the database. Three important factors in any RDBMS exist are..
        Base Tables : A base table is a table with a name that physically exists in a database. It is a created by the user. A base table can be created ,altered and removed from a database. All these tasks are accomplished using SQL (Structured Query Language) statement.
        Query Results : When a ‘question’ is asked  to a table ,the resultant data can be displayed from data stored in tables. Such tables are called query results.
        Views : A view is virtual table. Some columns of a base table may not be required by the user. In such cases, a view is created. This view will consist only those columns of the base table that the user is interested in seeing. This format can be saved as view by giving it a name

9.Data Flow Diagram

10.Master Tables
        Transaction Tables

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