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Thursday, July 25, 2013

PPT On Managing And Monitoring Network

Presentation On Managing And Monitoring Network

Managing And Monitoring Network Presentation Transcript:
1.Managing & Monitoring Network

2.Resource Sharing
Microsoft uses very specific terms to describe elements of internetworking structure.
There are five basic terms :

A resource – essential component to use or share on the network .
Resources could be of any file, any machine or any printer devices or any specific program.
Without networking, a resources can be accessed physically sitting on that machine which has that resources installed – either local machine or local printer

4.Networking structure grants capability to use a server computer to share resources with others @ remote client machines.

When users get grant to access other resource – like a file, CD-ROM drive, printer & so on…
A shared resources is what a user grant other user to make it available to use.
Some resources are not available until administrator manually share out the resources.
Files & printer are the sharing resources.

6.Even resources are password protected, so granted user will get access only.

User is who requests network resources.
In big network – login name & password is required.
Users can be created on any operating system like WinNT, Netware, Unix
Win 95 & Windows for workgroup enables creation of individual profiles

Groups are administrative units – comprised of one or more users with similar needs of network resources.
Users are placed into groups, resources access is managed on a group basis.
Much more easier to manage 5 groups rather than 500 users.

9.Two types of groups are exist on WinNT
Local group
Global group

Security is the process of giving “Rights” or “Permissions” to groups or users.
Users get access as per the security parameters : rights & permission are like Read, Write, Change or Full access.

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