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Thursday, July 25, 2013


Presentation On FIREWALL

FIREWALL Presentation Transcript:

What is a firewall?
What is does?
Firewall Analyzer help
Use of Firewall
What It Protects You From ?
Type of Firewall
Mechanisms used by firewalls
Firewall Service
Firewall Topology

A firewall can be a hardware device or a software application and generally is placed at the perimeter of the network to act as the gatekeeper for all incoming and outgoing traffic.
A firewall blocks unauthorized and potentially dangerous material from entering the system.

4.Just as a traffic  controls the flow of vehicles, a firewall controls the flow of packets of information that travel between your computer or network (more than one computer connected together) and the Internet.

A Firewall is an important perimeter defense tool that protects your network from attacks.

5.Security tools like Firewalls, VPN(Virtual Private Network), and Proxy Servers generate a huge quantity of traffic logs, which can be mined to generate a wealth of security Information reports.
Or, another way to look at it is in a physical security analogy: a firewall is equivalent to a door lock on a perimeter door or on a door to a room inside of the building – it permits only authorized users such as those with a key or access card to enter.

6.What It Does?
A firewall is a software program or hardware device that filters the information coming from the Internet connection into your network or computer system.
It can also filter information outgoing to the Internet.

7.Firewall Analyzer help
Analyze incoming and outgoing traffic/bandwidth patterns
Identify top Web users, and top websites accessed
Project trends in user activity and network activity
Identify potential virus,potential virus attacks and hack attempts

8.Firewall Analyzer help
Determine bandwidth utilization by host, protocol, and destination
Alert on firewalls generating specific log events
Analyze efficiency of firewall rules and modify them if needed
Determine the complete security posture of the enterprise

9.Use of Firewall
firewall can help block many of these attacks by preventing malicious computers on the Internet from connecting to your computer.
 Even with a firewall, there are still ways your computer can be attacked or infected with a virus.
 For example, if you are not running up-to-date anti-virus software, a firewall will not stop a virus sent in an email message from infecting your computer.

10.What It Protects You From ?
Key loggers

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