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Thursday, July 25, 2013

PPT On Connecting Devices

Presentation On Connecting Devices

Connecting Devices Presentation Transcript:
1.Ch- 6 Connecting Devices

2.Devices Works on OSI Layer
Different devices works on the different OSI layers.
Physical Layer – Repeaters
Data Link Layer – Bridges
Network Layer – Routers
Network & Above Network Layer -- Gateway

3.Connecting Devices

4.Connecting devices and the OSI Model

Repeats or Regenerates the signal, passing signals in all direction, signals become weaker during the transmission.
Repeaters extend the distance between two stations.
Loss of Signal’s Strength – Attenuation.
Repeaters don’t understand protocols, packet address – anything concerning data what it carries.
Understands only 1’s and 0’s.
Repeaters are of normally two port boxes, connect two segments. Signal comes in one port – Regenerated– sent out to the other port.
Send & receive data @ the speed of network , but regeneration will take time and cleaned out (noise).

6.A Repeater in the OSI Model

7.A Repeater

8.Function of a Repeater

9.Repeaters can not connect dissimilar Network types ( Token ring / Ethernet)
Repeaters connects segments with similar networks (data frames) but dissimilar cabling. (Twisted pair / coaxial cable)
Repeaters also follow the 5-4-3 rule. That is five segments     connected by four repeaters, with no more than 3 of the segments being populated.

10.5-4-3 Rule

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