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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

PPT On Word Skills


Word Skills Presentation Transcript:
1.Word Skills

    Word Skills
Vocabulary Building
Dictionary skills
 Practicing Exercises

4.Word Skills
Languages generally have an expression that means something like English term “word”
Word skills are very important part of Language.

5.Vocabulary Building

You will become smart and prominent.
You will have more confidence in speaking.
You will have improved communication skills.
You will understand your reading material better.
You will be able to write more effectively.
You will be more efficient in problem-solving.

7. Read, Read and Read !
    The more reading you do, the faster you will build your vocabulary, Try reading on different topics, with different reading materials.
Repeat words several times !
    To make word repetition a useful tool for building                     
     vocabulary, it is helpful to over-practice.

 8. Look at words with the mind of a child !
    Discover how children learn more words in one week than the typical adult can learn in one year. You must be able to approach word-learning with the open mind of a child.
 Make it personal !
    Making words personally meaningful to you will make them stand out, and you will be able to retain them better. There are several ways to add personal meaning to words, and all of them effectively contribute to building your vocabulary.

9.Use your imagination !
        You may try creating images to correspond with the word you are learning. If you are learning a word, you can try looking it up in a traditional or online dictionary, and you may find an illustration of the word.
Practice using elaboration !
       Elaboration involves expounding on the meaning of a word to make it more memorable to you personally.

10.   Strengthening the learning of vocabulary- making use of Word Games.

11.“If you use Ultimate Vocabulary for 10 minutes a day for just one month, you will build a powerful vocabulary that will boost your success to new levels”

12.Synonyms and Antonyms 

13.‘Synonyms are different words with almost identical or similar meanings.’

14.There are actually four types of antonyms:
Gradable antonyms are opposites at either end of the spectrum, as in slow and fast.
Complementary antonyms are absolute opposites, like mortal and immortal.
Relational antonyms are opposites where one word describes a relationship between two objects, and the other word describes the same relationship when the two objects are reversed.    For example, parent and child, teacher and student, or buy and sell.
Auto-antonyms are the same two words that mean the opposite.    For example, fast (moving quickly) and fast (stuck in place).

15.Dictionary Vs Thesaurus
A dictionary is a book containing the individual words of a language (usually organized alphabetically). The purpose of the dictionary is to set forth the meanings, pronunciation and signification of those words.
The thesaurus, on the other hand, is a specific dictionary that presents synonyms (words that have similar meaning) for every word listed.
The purpose of the thesaurus is to help the writer to find more suitable words and avoid the repetition of terms.

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