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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

PPT On Signals And Systems


Signals And Systems Presentation Transcript:
1.EEE223 Signals & Systems

DT unit sample and unit step sequences
CT unit impulse and unit step functions

3.DT Unit sample (impulse)
d[n] = 1 for n = 0
                0 for n ? 0

Sampling property of unit sample:
    x[n] d[n]  = x[0] d[n]
    x[n] d[n-k] = x[k] d[n-k]

4.What happens when a signal is multiplied with a unit step sequence?

5.Relationship between unit sample and unit step

6.CT Unit Step
What happens when we multiply a signal with a unit step?
    What about multiplying with a box?

7.A signal with infinite height, zero width, unit area
The limiting form of an infinite number of functions
Derivative of unit step???
Definition as an integral??

8.Scaled impulses
Sampling property:
Unit step as integral of unit impulse

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