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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Presentation On Multisensor Data Fusion and Applications

PPT On Multisensor Data Fusion and Applications

Multisensor Data Fusion and Applications Presentation Transcript: 
1.Multisensor Data Fusion and Applications

Overview of Multisensor Data Fusion
Distributed Detection and Decision Fusion
Integrated Vehicle Health Management
Monitoring and Control of Built Environments
Image Fusion
Some Current Research Activities
Concluding Remarks

3.Information Fusion
Theory, techniques, and tools for exploiting the synergy in the information acquired from multiple sources: sensors, databases, intelligence sources, humans, etc.

To obtain a better understanding of some phenomenon
To introduce or enhance intelligence and system control functions

5.Human Brain

6.Advantages of Multisensor Data Fusion
Improved system performance
Improved detection, tracking, and identification
Improved situation assessment and awareness
Improved robustness
Sensor redundancy
Graceful degradation
Extended spatial and temporal coverage
Shorter response time
Reduced communication and computing

7.Applications - Military
Detection, location , tracking and identification of military entities.
Sensors: radar, sonar, infrared, synthetic aperture radar (SAR), electro-optic imaging sensors etc.
Complex problem
Large number and types of sensors and targets
Size of the surveillance volume
Real-time operational requirements
Signal propagation difficulties

8.Applications - Non-military
Air traffic control
Law enforcement and homeland security
Medical diagnosis
Smart homes, buildings and bridges
Critical infrastructures
Water distribution networks
Hazardous workplace
Remote sensing
Weather patterns
Mineral resources
Buried hazardous waste

9.A Conceptual Framework for Data Fusion (The JDL Model)

10.A Conceptual Framework for Data Fusion
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