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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Presentation On AES based secure LEACH for WSN’s

PPT On AES based secure LEACH for WSN’s

AES based secure LEACH for WSN’s  Presentation Transcript:
1.AES based secure LEACH for WSN’s

2.Obstacles of WSN Security
Limited resources-Limited memory, code space and energy.
Unreliable Communication-Densely deployed, so congestion and errors in transmission
Unattended operation- Deployed in environment open to adversaries

3.Security Requirements
Data Confidentiality
Data Integrity
Data Freshness
Self -Organization

4.Security Primitives
Symmetric Key Algorithms
Encryption methods in which both the sender and receiver share the same key.
Block ciphers e.g., DES, AES.
Stream ciphers e.g., RC4.

5.High Level Description-AES

6.Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (LEACH)
Nodes organize themselves into local clusters with one of node acting as cluster head
Cluster head performs Data Integration
Randomized rotation of ‘Cluster head’ role among nodes
LEACH operation is divided into rounds
Set-up phase
Steady state phase

7.S-LEACH- The Scheme
Consists of two phases
Set-up phase
Steady state phase
Cryptographic tools used
AES-  for encryption and Decryption
AES-CMAC-  AES based to Message Authentication Code(MAC)
AES-PRF- AES based Pseudo random function to generate keys

8.Cluster formation Algorithm
After cluster head election, cluster head sends an Advertisement message(ADV)
Non-Cluster head node determines its Cluster head based on the received signal strength of ADV
Each node after deciding the cluster head sends a join-Request(Join-REQ) to cluster head
Cluster head sets up TDMA Schedule and transmits this schedule to the nodes

9.Steady-State Phase
Steady State phase broken into frames, nodes send data once per frame
Frame duration depends on number of nodes in the cluster.
Node turns of the radio in the other frames in steady state.
Cluster head awake all the time and performs data aggregation

Four types of keys
Group key
Key shared by all nodes.
Used to distribute session key
Session key
This key operates for only round
Cluster key
Generated by Cluster head
Used for exchange of data between cluster base station
Pair wise key
Derived from Cluster key
For exchange of data between Cluster head and nodes

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