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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Presentation On Image Fusion

Image Fusion in Discrete Cosine Transform Domain using Masking Techniques

Image Fusion Presentation Transcript:
1.Image Fusion in Discrete Cosine Transform Domain using Masking Techniques

Image fusion
Fusion techniques
Literature survey
Proposed techniques
Rectangular mask
Triangular mask
Fan shaped mask
Strip mask
Image fusion in transform domain using masking
Performance evaluation of image fusion techniques.
Signal to noise ratio error
Root mean square
Result of existing technique
Comparison of image fusion using different mask.

3.What is “IMAGE FUSION”……….??
Image fusion combines multiple images of the same scene into a single image which is suitable for human perception and practical applications.
Image fusion is applicable for numerous fields including: defence systems, remote sensing and geosciences, robotics and industrial engineering, and medical imaging.

4.Fusion Techniques
The most important issue concerning image fusion is to determine how to combine the sensor images.
Fusion techniques are commonly divided into two categories:

Spatial Domain Techniques:

Transform Domain Techniques :

5.Literature survey
Many  fusion rules have been proposed in the existing literature, which are categorized, as follows:

Fuse by averaging the corresponding coefficients in each image (‘mean’ rule).

Fuse by selecting the greatest in absolute value of the corresponding  coefficients in each image (‘max-abs’ rule).

6.In existing literature Several transforms have already been used such as DCT, DST, DFT, DWT in fusion application.

The steps of algorithm based on transform domain technique are summarised as follow :

(i) Given images, take the transform of these images.
(ii) Obtain the transform coefficients of the images.
(iii) Fuse the images by proper selection rule.
(iv)Take the inverse transform.
(v) Obtain the fused image.

7.Proposed technique:
This paper investigates the effect of use of different types of masks in discrete cosine transform (DCT) domain for image fusion applications.

 Here we have used different types of masks such as rectangular, triangular, strip and fan shaped mask.

Masking is used to retain some portion of one image and some of other image.
Here, I have studied four type of mask, which are given below........

Rectangular mask
Triangular mask
Fan shaped mask
Strip mask

9.Rectangular Mask

10.Triangular Mask

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