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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Presentation On Design and Analysis of Dual-resonant Filters in Visible and Infra-red Region Based on Polymer LPWG

PPT On Long-period Waveguide Gratings Based Filters

Long-period Waveguide Gratings Based Filters  Presentation Transcript:
1.Design and Analysis of Dual-resonant Filters in Visible and Infra-red Region Based on Polymer LPWG

2.Outline of Presentation

Structure and Principle of Long-period Waveguide Gratings (LPWGs)  Based Filters

Why Polymer Based LPWG !

Design and Simulation results
Dual Resonance of Polymer LPWGs


                  Long-period waveguide gratings (LPWGs), by using a SU-8 polymer-based channel waveguide along with NOA61 optical epoxy coated upper- and lower-cladding, are designed and theoretical analyzed. Grating period of ~ 68µm is considered with optimized grating tooth-heights, so that the transmission spectra of the gratings show strong rejection bands both at visible (450 – 460 nm) and infrared (1530 – 1540 nm) wavelength regions. Phase-matching graphs are studied in order to observe the change in resonance wavelength of the grating with the variation of waveguide parameters. LPWG-based band pass filter are also designed and analyzed by considering the same set of polymer materials. Further, temperature sensitivity of these LPWGs is analyzed theoretically. These types of waveguide grating-based filters can widely be used for visible and infrared wavelength sensing applications.

4.Design Structures & Principle of LPWG Filters

5.Why Polymer Based LPWG !
Inexpensive, less process intensive
 Low fabrication costs
 Substrate independent
 Ease of tailoring physical properties
 Higher Thermo-optic coefficient than SiO2, LNB
 Electro-optic coefficients can be made higher
 Wider Tuning Capability
Polymers under consideration:
SU-8 photodefinable polymer (Microchem, Inc.)
NOA 61 Optical epoxy (Norland Products,Inc.)

6.Phase Matching Graphs

7.Simulation Results

8.Dual Resonance of Polymer LPWGs

9.Effect of the Grating Tooth Height

10.Transmission Spectra for LPWG Band Pass Filter

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