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Thursday, November 14, 2013

PPT On TRAINING OF Students Graduates


TRAINING OF Students Graduates Presentation Transcript:
1.TRAINING OF students graduates

2.The problems that exist among students graduates?
Weak communication skills so that there is a lack of confidence in the reliance on self.
Weaknesses in the English language.
Existing leadership skills among graduates weak.
A large extent between Theoretical and practical so that the Most  student do not have job skills.
Negotiation skills are weak.

3.Training Project objectives :
Motivate students.
Communication skills , managerial and marketing skills for all  student.
Negotiation Skills.
Leadership skills.
Languages, especially English that will help them to engage the labor market.
Experience  that help student for engage in the labor market.

4.Training with Private Sector
This program relies on the private sector so that there are contracts between the project and the private sector to train graduates so they can practice applied to work.

5.Training with general Sector
This significant program on the public sector to train graduates in various ministries, so they have a high capacity for work in the ministries.

Give the skills of graduates in the agricultural sector.
Give graduates with skills in the livestock sector.
Give skills for graduates in the industrial sector.

Measures the reaction of graduates on training, it is important to feel the graduate training that has meaning and value and experience given will help him to obtain the required expertise.

You measure what your trainees have learned. How much has their knowledge increased as a result of the training?
We at this stage are working to identify the needs of students and what we want to teach him (skills , knowledge, attitudes).

At this level, you evaluate how far your trainees have changed their behavior, based on the training they received. Specifically, this looks at how trainees apply the information.

At this level, you analyze the final results of your training. This includes outcomes that you or your organization have determined to be good for business, good for the employees, or good for the bottom line. 

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