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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

PowerPoint Presentation On United Parcel Service

PPT On United Parcel Service

United Parcel Service Presentation Transcript:
1. Company Overview
Company : Public company
Founded : 1907
Headquarter : Sandy Springs, Georgia (U.S.)
CEO : Scott Davis
Services : Freight, Courier, Logistics

2. History
Established by Jim Casey(19 year old) in 1907
Company name was “American Messenger company Seattle in Washington
In 1919 first official logo was released
In 1930 started service in west coast cities and New York
In 1953 started Blue Label Air service
In 1999 UPS converd Public company
In 2007 UPS celebrated it’s 100th anniversary

3. Brown color
James E. Casey wanted the trucks to be Yellow, but Charlie Soderstrom stated that it will be impossible to keep clean
Color used by UPS on its vehicles and uniform is “Pullman Brown”
Today UPS compasses it's customer service orientation will the advertise slogan “what can Brown do for you”

4. Vehicles

5. United parcel service
Today Fastest service provider in FAA history
10th largest airlines in the United States
UPS system moves 15.8 million packages and documents daily
Customer: 1.8million pick-up and 6.1million delivers per day
Revenue : $45.3billion
Service in more than 200 countries

6. Competitive Advantage
It has unique organizational culture
Its competitors Fed Ex - ‘collection of marketers with trucks and planes’ , whereas UPS – ‘industrial engineers with the collection of trucks and planes’
Provides high quality services for relatively low cost due to:- -
Good Financial Planning -
Usage of Resources

7. Supply chain solution
Customers in managing overseas suppliers,
Post sales servicing of parts logistics,
Order processing,
Transportation, vendors, contracts and shipments
Simplifies, international trade and regulatory, compliance

Honey well
Advanced automation
Provide efficient and rapid order processing and delivery to the North American automotive aftermarket

Teddy Crafters
Provide inbound distribution system(supplies from Asian and U.S. vendors)
Its improved inventory management
Provided for weekly restocking of the chain’s retail stores

Tokyo Electron America A field restocking networking that provided real time inventory management

11. Thank You.

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