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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

PowerPoint Presentation On Online Project Portals

PPT On Online Project Portals

Online Project Portals Presentation Transcript:
1. Traditional Business model

2. New Business Model

3. ELANCE (Home Page)

4. Elance
Introduction It is one of the many internet virtual marketplaces that allows freelancers and outsourcing companies. Enables providers to create profiles which showcase their talents. It allows businesses to post a project and assess providers bidding on the project by reviewing qualifications, ratings, portfolios and skill test scores.
Established It is based in California and has been on the web since 1999.
Revenues The company charges a $10 fee to each business to post a job and also takes a small portion of what gets paid to contractors . The largest categories of work on Elance are IT and Marketing– including Web development, programming, creative design, multimedia production, writing.

4. Cont…
Elance in world Handling over 200,000 businesses and individuals from more than 140 countries are registered. It has built alliances with industry leaders- IBM, Red Hat, Red Hat, Virgin, etc.
Elance in India Prism Software Ltd. has been an active Elance user . It has completed almost 130 projects with Elance.
General Data Total Providers: 106,000 Total Buyers: 100,000

5. Advantages
An incredible amount of choice for employers and providers. The process is very simple. Displays updated content on web page. It is safe .(Escrow). Elance offers one thing its competitors don't: the "Water Cooler." Disadvantages Elance tends to attract employers with a higher budget. ELance is very hit-and-miss.   It is expensive (cost +service fee).

 6. Guru
Introduction The world’s largest online marketplace for freelance talent. contains more than hundred job categories of all business areas.  It has categories on everything that can be done per freelance contract Established Founded in 1998 in Pittsburgh  Inderpal Guglani.
General Data Total Providers: 1M Total Buyers: 250,000 More than 8,000 projects posted monthly Over 220 skill-based service categories.

7. Advantages
Contains more than hundred job categories of all business areas System requires buyers to place the project cost into escrow. Guru's interface is very user-friendly. Huge site with a lot of projects A lot of categories covering every kind of work Excellent support and help Limited competition because of the limited bids  Disadvantages A bit confusing and not as easy to use as the other sites. Not too many payment options Absolutely no information about other’s bids. It is excellent site for the experienced freelancers but a bit raw to the newbies .

8. Scriptlance
Introduction It is one of the leading freelance website with lowest project fees. categories are varied and include over 23 main sections covering skills such as web design, writing, marketing, script installation, and several programming languages.
Established Scriptlance was founded in 2001, and is based in Toronto, Canada
Revenues Buyers are only charged $5 when a freelancer is selected and a 5% of the project fee is charged to the freelancer. All projects are free to post. These fees do not have a “due date” and you can pay them when you are read

9. Thank You.

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