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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

PowerPoint Presentation On Microsoft Word

PPT On Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Presentation Transcript:
1. Creating a Newsletter in Microsoft Word

2. Getting Started
Select Microsoft Word. It will be located on the dock and is represented by a blue “W” icon.
A “Project Gallery” box will appear and “Word Document” will be highlighted (in blue). Select “Open” to bring up a blank document on your desktop.

3. Microsoft Word Toolbars
The key to control is using the toolbars, which are located at the top and bottom of the document. If no toolbars are present, select “View”, then “Toolbars”, then check “Standard”, “Formatting”, and “Drawing”. These three toolbars will appear at the top and side of the desktop. Additional toolbars (specialized in nature) are also available.

4. Microsoft Word Toolbars
The “Standard” toolbar lets you
Create a new blank document
Open a previous document and save your current document
Print, copy, cut, paste, undo and redo an action
Create tables, borders, and columns
Increase and decrease your document size
Pull down a floating Formatting Palette
Get help from the Toolbox or MS Word Help

5. Microsoft Word Toolbars
The “Formatting” toolbar lets you
Choose a font and style
Choose a font size
Make words (or letters) bold, italic, or underlined
Align the document (left, centered, right)
Make a bulleted or numbered list
Control indentation and adding borders
Highlight (with color) words and change text from black

6. Microsoft Word Toolbars
The floating “Formatting” toolbar lets you do everything the fixed Formatting toolbar does and
Lets you move the Formatting Palette to any convenient location
Add objects such as symbols, lines, graphics, WordArt, and AutoShapes
Control the margins of the document with numeric control (in inches)

7. Microsoft Word Toolbars
The “Drawing” toolbar (by default) is a vertical panel that
lets you draw and create shapes with straight and curved lines
add objects such as WordArt, ClipArt, AutoShapes,and pictures
create and place geometric shapes on your document
add text using a text box
control the color and thickness of your lines
Rotate any object you’ve place on your document
Fill in areas with color

8. Creating a Newsletter
Here is a sample newsletter. This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the steps required to create this document. This document relies heavily on the creation of “Text Box” information areas. Also included is WordArt, ClipArt, and a photograph.

9. Creating a Newsletter
Open a new blank document.
Type the desired date (size 14 bold) and place it in the top right corner by highlighting the text and selecting the right-hand justify icon.
Now type in your newsletter title. (Use font size 24 and make it bold.) Center this title by using the centering tool.
Create a Text Box by selecting “Insert”, then “Text Box” from the Standard Toolbar. Expand the box to your desired size and move it to your desired location.

10. For more please refer our PPT. Thank You.

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