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Thursday, May 19, 2011

PowerPoint Presentation On Sony Ericsson

PPT On Sony Ericsson



1. Objective of the study
The main objective of this study is that through this study I can learn the behavior of the customer.

this study is also beneficial for company because in this research the main focus on customer satisfaction of Sony mobile so through this research company can get information about the customer test and what customer want

2. Mobile industry in India
India's galloping wireless industry, the world's fastest growing major mobile market.
India now has more than 200 million mobile phone users.
Emerging Rural Mobile Market in India.
our average ARPU remains one of the lowest in the world As per the latest performance reports from TRAI, all India blended ARPU for GSM at the end of the latest quarter was Rs 261 while that for CDMA was Rs. 176 .

3. SONY Ericsson
Our mission is to establish Sony Ericsson as the most attractive and innovative global brand in the mobile handset industry.

We care about people and the environment.

Respect and responsibility.

Corporate code

Supplier social responsibility code

4. Sony Ericsson signed The Copenhegen Communique
Unplug the charger
Our commitment
In 2009, Sony Ericsson reformatted the company’s climate related goals from intensity based to absolute.
By 2015 reduce the total greenhouse gas emissions from the full life cycle of Sony Ericsson’s products by 15% (based on 2008 year levels) By 2015 reduce the total greenhouse gas emissions from Sony Ericsson’s internal activities by 20% (based on 2008 year levels)
Our performance
Between 2007 and 2008, we managed to reduce the total greenhouse gas emissions from a total of 64 426 057 kg CO2 equivalents* in 2007 to a total of 57 390 998 kg CO2 equivalents in 2008. A large part of this reduction was due to reduced business travel. 

5. Major Findings
youths use largely mobile phone approximately 50%

most customer influence to the brand of the product then quality influence to customer and Service comes in end of the important factors.

Recently most customer like multimedia mobile set .

largest customer group Refers Nokia mobile then customer like Sony Ericsson.

6. SWOT Analysis
Strength –
Sony come on 2nd position in sale of the product.
Quality of the Sony Ericsson is Good
Sony Ericsson sound is good.
Best picture quality
Sony Ericsson camera is also good.
Sony corporation is the branded company in electronic product.

High price is one of the weakness.
Poor Battery
Display screen is poor
Complex function
Most of the customers are loyal

7. Opportunity:-

36% customer not loyal if Sony provide good Quality then there existing provider it is golden chance for growth.
If Customer change their mobile then most of the customer purchase the Sony.


the main threat is improve the brand comparison with Nokia.
Very hard to Change the customer loyalty.

8. Conclusions
Maximum peoples in India come from middle income class so most of them consider the price as a prime factor while they purchase a mobile phone. They get maximum satisfaction when they buy it on reasonable price.
Since the maximum purchase is made by the youth, they prefer the multimedia handset than the simple model so there is a greater scope for the multimedia handsets.
Customer perceives Sony Ericsson as a second most reliable brand in india so there is a great opportunity exists to increase the market shares.

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