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Sunday, January 30, 2011

PowerPoint Presentation On Railnet Communication

PPT On Railnet Communication


Railnet Communication Presentation Transcript:
North Western Railway was raised on 1st Oct, 2002. It consist of two divisions each from Northern &Western Railway. The formation of this zone along with five new zones was first approved by Railway Board on 16th Sept, 1996. The main Branch of N.W.R is situated inJagatpura.

2. This branch covers four main division – Ajmer, Bikaner, Jaipur, Jodhpur.
1. Ajmer Division 12 computerized PRS center. includes 130 stations.
2. Bikaner Division Established in 1924. it serves the state of Rajasthan & Punjab.

3. Jaipur Division:
It serves the state of Uttarpradesh, Haryana. 14 computerized PRS center. Jodhpur Division: Established in 1882. It serves the state of Pali, Jalore, Barmier. 15 computerized PRS centre.

Telecom exchange are the vital assets of the local communication networking. During the age of information of technology telephone exchange plays a important role for connecting subscriber. Types of Electronic Exchange Automatic Electronic Exchange. C-dot Electronic Exchange. Digital Electronic Exchange.

5. Centre For Development Of Telemetric
C-DOT exchange are commonly used in railways because it use only one microprocessor IC. (65C02) In C-DOT 128 ports are commonly use in railways. Some Important Cards Used In Exchange SLC -CARD In exchange 10 SLC cards are used including 3Trunk card.

6. 2. TRD –CARD
(tone generator card) TRD CARD generate 8 different types of tones to indicate the status of other card. If any type of error is generated by other card Then it will be detected by TRD by generating tone.

What is microwave ? It is multi channel directional narrow band radio relay system. Microwaves Communication depends upon the Microwaves. Microwaves essentially very short waves. Microwave frequency spectrum is usually taken to extend from 1Ghz to 30 GHz.

8. Microwave Communication Features
Frequency: 7.125-7.425Ghz It uses Remote Supervision technique. Operate with -48dc supply & Positive terminal is ground.

9. Fading:
Fading is a loss of microwave energy during its propagation from transmitting antenna to receiving antenna. Importance of microwave 1. Increased gain & directivity of antenna. 2. Secrecy 3.Increased capacity in order to transmitted intelligence.

10. For more please refer odur PPT. Thanks.

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