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Sunday, January 30, 2011

PowerPoint Presentation On Direct To Home



DTH Presentation Transcript:
1. How does DTH network work?
In simple terms the service provider broadcasts the signal that is sent to the satellite that then transmits the signal back to earth which is picked up by your dish antenna and fed to your television set.

 DTH is a very attractive sector, on growth front, it has huge opportunities and companies will act aggressively to garner subscribers as it happened in mobile space. Only 5 million homes have DTH connections out of 75 million cable households in India. This is a positive aspect for this sector.

3. Some of the features of DTH
service are as following: DTH offers better quality picture than Cable TV. DTH can reach remote areas where terrestrial transmission and cable TV have failed to penetrate. DTH has also allows for interactive TV services such as movie-on-demand , and e-mail. In DTH, the payments will be made directly by the subscriber to the satellite company offering the service.

4. India currently has 6 major DTH service providers and a total of over 5 million subscriber households. Tata group and Star network owned Tata Sky Zee group owned Dish TV Sun network owned SUNDIRECT DTH. Reliance owned BIG TV Bharti Airtel’s DTH  DD Direct Plus India - DTH Potential DTH to grow from 3.2 mn in 2007 to 43 mn by 2015, with 30% share of Pay TV

A Birds view of Tata Sky: Tata Sky launched its services pan-India in August 2006. It resulted as a joint venture between the TATA group and the STAR group. It has over 147 channels to choose from Tata Sky recently launched Tata Sky Plus which uses the personal video recording (PVR) technology that allows consumers to record live.

6. Few salient features of the Tata Sky are:
Strongly innovative product offerings . Kick started the category advertising. Focus on heritage. Low cost packages to increase penetration. Tata Sky is collaborating with HUMAX and THOMSON to increase availability of Set Top Box. Tata sky, in order to increase its rural penetration, has tied up with ITC e-Choupal and Godrej Aadhar For Effective distribution Tata Sky has tied up with ITC international Business Division

The 3 major reasons for growth of Tata Sky that can be explored are: a) SUPERIOR PICTURE QUALITY Unlike analog cable, Tata Sky subscribers can view TV through superior digital DVD quality picture and CD quality sound. b) WIDE ARRAY OF INTERACTIVE APPLICATIONS In order to empower the Indian viewer with choice, control and convenience Tata Sky has a wide array of programming choices and interactive services like Active Cooking. c) UNPARALLELED CUSTOMER SERVICE Tata Sky has established an extensive customer service network across the country.

The prices of the key brands in the category are as follows: • The price per month of Tata sky (South Jumbo Pack - Rs. 310) is less than that of Dish TV . Number of channels that Tata Sky is providing (128) is more than the number of channels being provided by Dish Tv (119). Tata Sky also provides cost saving economic packages like family and Value packs.

 9. Set Top Box Technology
The basic Set Top Box (STB) takes the signal from the satellite dish and converts it into a signal that can be used by a TV, sound amplifier, etc. STBs can act as a gateway between a television or PC and telephone, satellite , terrestrial or cable feed. The analog STB receives encoded/compressed digital signals from the signal source and decodes/decompresses those signals. converting them into analog signals displayed on your analog television. The STB also accepts commands from the user and transmits these commands back to the network operator.

10. For more please refer our PPT. Thanks.

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