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Thursday, August 15, 2013

PPT On Software


Software Presentation Transcript: 
Software History & Significance
System Software
Application Software
Software Issues
Programming Languages
Enterprise Software

2.Software History & Significance
The first applications of computers in business were in the early 1950s.
Software was less important (and less costly) in computer systems then as opposed to now, because early hardware was literally hardwired by hand for each application.
Today, however software comprises a much larger percentage of the cost of the modern computer systems

3.Reasons of New Trends
The price of hardware is dramatically decreased, while performance of hardware is increased exponentially.
Software has become increasingly complex and its price has increased along with its complexity.
Software development is slow, increasingly complex, error prone and expensive. Finally, salaries of software developers are steadily increasing because there is an increased demand for their skills.

4.The Software Crisis
The software crisis is that organizations are not able to develop new software applications fast enough to keep up with rapidly changing business conditions and rapidly evolving technologies.
Computer hardware can be designed and manufactured on automated assembly lines and so can be turned out rather quickly, but software must be engineered by hand.

5.The Software Crisis
The result is that organizations are unable to make full use of hardware due to lack of software to effectively exploit the hardware.
Further, organizations not only must develop new applications quickly, but they must also maintain their existing software.
Often, more than 80% of IT personnel maintain existing software, leaving less than 20% to develop new applications.

6.Large applications today may contain millions of lines of computer code, written by hundreds of people over the course of several years.
Clearly, the potential for errors is huge, and testing and debugging software is expensive and time-consuming.

7.Software Fundamentals
Software consists of computer program, which are sequences of instructions for the computer.
The process of writing (or coding) programs is called programming.
The individuals who perform this task are called programmers.

8.Unlike the hardwired computers of the 1950s, modern software uses the stored program concept.
In this concept, stored programs are accessed and their instructions are executed (followed) in the CPU.
Once the program has finished executing, a new program is loaded into memory and the computer hardware addresses another task.

9.Computer programs include documentation, which is a written description of the functions of the program.
A software enables the user to instruct a computer system to perform specific functions that provide business value.

10.Types of Software
System Software
Application Software

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