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Friday, August 2, 2013

PPT On Face Recognition Technology


Face Recognition Technology Presentation Transcript: 
1.Face Recognition

2.Introduction to Biometrics
The average adult working in a large business has 12 passwords to remember, and spends nearly a week in every year logging into systems.
The average cost to a large company for every password lost is $16.

3.Biometric Systems I
Fingerprint Recognition
Speech Recognition

4.Biometric Systems II

5.Biometric Systems III
Face Recognition
Multiple Biometrics

6.History of Facial Recognition

7.History: Current Times I
 September 24, 1999: OLETC ? ILEFIS
    - 64 facial features
    - 256 unique shapes / feature
    - quicker processing, look-up time
 January 2001: Privacy Debate
    - Super Bowl
    - Tampa Entertainment District
 September 11, 2001: Impact on Market
    - Visionics

8.History: Current Times II
“ The mood in this country has changed dramatically in just seven days. Until last week we were trying to expand people’s privacy against incursions from the government. Now we might have to fight for what we already have.”
State Senator Ken Gordon, D-Denver, Chairman of the 
Senate Judicial Committee
 September 21, 2001: Looking Ahead
    - Colorado DMV: July 2001
    - Neighborhoods (ie, Tampa)

9.Facial Recognition Market Outlook
 Physical Access Control
    - 5 years
    - casinos, immigrants      at border crossings
 Computer User Access Control

10.Advantages Over Competing Systems
Voluntary Action vs Passive Usage
 Data Acquisition
    - 5% cannot provide good fingerprint
    - environmental interference
    - Iris Detection (movement)

11.Theory Behind Facial Recognition I

12.Theory Behind Facial Recognition II

13.Current Commercial Products

14.Eye Identification Using Neural Networks

15.Infrared Images and Eigenfaces I
Training and Test set of images

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