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Friday, August 2, 2013

PPT On Commission And Discount


Commission And Discount Presentation Transcript:


Payment made to a middleman or agent for a service (selling or promotion) provided.
This would indirectly motivate the person to sell more. They are called as broker or agent.
Sales and commission are directly related .The more they sell the product the more they get the commission.

4.    Lina helped to sell a house for RM 120 000. She was given a 2% commission by the seller. How much money did she receive?

5. Yazid gets a commission of RM15 for the sale of shoes at RM500. Calculate the percentage of commission given to him.

6.    A salesman receives RM1 500 as commission for the sale of books. If the commission is 25%, find the amount of sales that the salesman has obtained.

Seller offer discount to encourage people to buy their products. The discount rate offer is give as a percentage

8.   The marked price of a pair of jeans was RM 80. It was sold at a discount of 35%. What was the selling price of the pair of jeans?

9.  The marked price of an article is RM20. The shopkeeper sells the article for RM18. How much percentage discount given by the shopkeeper for the article?

10.  A jeweler discounts a watch marked at RM85 by 20%. a. How much is the discount? b. What will a customer pay for the watch

11.Do ALL of the exercises
 in the handout

12. Follow up activity:
Homework From Text Book, Page 33:
Reinforcement Exercise:
No 10 and 11

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