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Monday, July 29, 2013

PPT On Stages of Multimedia Projects

Presentation On Stages of Multimedia Projects

Stages of Multimedia Projects Presentation Transcript:
1.Stages of multimedia Projects

Planning & Cost
Design & Production

3.Planning & Cost Develop an idea
Identify objectives
Identify skills and resources
Develop a prototype
Estimate time and cost

4.Design & Production The planned tasks are performed to create a finished product.
The product is revised, based on the continuous feedback received from the client.

Testing a project ensure the product to be free from bugs. Apart from bug elimination another aspect of testing is to ensure that the multimedia application meets the objectives of the project. It is also necessary to test whether the multimedia project works properly on the intended deliver platforms and they meet the needs of the clients.

The final stage of the multimedia application development is to pack the project and deliver the completed project to the end user. This stage has several steps such as implementation, maintenance, shipping and marketing the product.

7.SUMMARYThe basic stages of a multimedia project are planning and costing, design and production, testing and delivery.
Knowledge of hardware and software, as well as creativity and organizational skills are essential for creating a high-quality multimedia project. 

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