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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

PowerPoint Presentation On Welspun Corp Limited

PPT On Welspun Corp Limited

Welspun Corp Limited Presentation Transcript:
1.Welspun corp Ltd.

The insignia is a creative visualization of a flying pair of sea gulls.The visualization depicts the flight to greater heights at the same time remaining in touch with ground realities.

Set up in 1995 as Welspun Gujarat Stahl Rohren Ltd., Welspun Corp Ltd. as it is known today as one of the largest manufacturers of Large Diameter Line Pipe companies in the world with a capacity of nearly 2.0mn MTPA. The Financial Times, UK rated WCL as the 2nd Largest Large Diameter Pipe Company in the world when its capacity stood at 1.0mn MTPA in 2008. WCL was also recognized as the ‘Emerging Company of the Year’ (Economic Times Corporate Excellence Awards) in 2008

3.Safety Measures

The space used for stacking slabs is specified as slab yard. It is generally nearer to the furnace. So that minimum conveyer time is required for feeding in the furnace.

Unloading the slab coming from outside.
Stacking the slab according to its specification.
Coding the slab.
Provide slab to the furnace on time.

5.  In Walking Beam Furnace there are total 6 cylinders, 2 for transferring and 4 for moving the movable beams.Two types of beam are there in furnace on which slab are kept inside furnace (1) Fix (2) Movable
The Furnace has 3 heating zone.
Pre-heating zone (750°C)
Heating zone (1130°C)
Socking zone (1230°C)
The Exhaust gases are discharged through chimney having a height of 82 meter.
The Charging and Discharging machine have 6 Hydraulic Arms.
For Charging and Discharging of slab to be used in Plate 1 Arm is used.
For Charging and Discharging of slab to be used in Coil 3 Arm is used.
The forward backward motion of Charging/Discharging machine is obtained by Rack & Pinion mechanism driven by Electric Motor.
Pipelines used for carrying different substances in furnace as well as in plant are classified as follow:

Primary Descaler

     located just after RHF, used to remove scale formed on the surface of slab during heating charging) in RHF

40T Descaler

     Used as an auxiliary Descaler, used to remove scale, if not removed properly by primary descaler, or when the primary descaler is under maintenances.

Mill Secondary Descaler

     used to remove the carbon scale formed during online rolling when coming in contact with atmosphere.

Turn Table

The entry table has the function of turning the slab/plate through 90° in addition to their normal mill reversal slab/plate transportation duty.

The turning action is achieved by driving alternate rollers in the opposite direction; the roller barrels being tapered for one half and parallel for the other half, with alternate rollers having the tapered half at opposite ends.

8.Vertical edger is a machining station in the process line, whose work is to do – “edging” of the slab, i.e. width control of material

9.Plastic deformation of  steel between two rolls, where its thickness is decreased & length is increased by applying controlled rolling load & torque.This mill has four rolls, two  work rolls and two  back-up rolls. The work rolls get in touch with rolled material and reduce its thickness.

10.As, coil length is much more than that of plate, so area of its heat loss is much more than and there can be temperature drop
Steckle furnaces helps to maintain its temperature during its rolling and regain its temperature

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