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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

PowerPoint Presentation On VIBRATION


VIBRATION Presentation Transcript:

The science of fitting the job to the worker

3.What are the physical demands of our job…

4.Job Risk Factors
Working in awkward postures / positions
Prolonged sitting and standing
Bending, reaching, stretching
Driving for extended periods of time
Heavy lifting
Awkward lifting
Lifting in combination with twisting
Pushing, pulling, carrying
Accidents, slips, trips, falls

5.Goals of Ergonomics Program…

Vibration refers to oscillatory motions of solid bodies. A simple vibrating system is represented by a weight suspended on a spring and set into an up and down motion.

Mechanical Oscillations produced by regular or irregular movement of a body around its resting position

A Cycle of Specific Activity Back-Forth, Up and Down Resulting from Reversal of Energy.

Exposure to vibration can occur while using Power tools or while Driving equipment
7.Vibration can be:
Whole-Body Vibration (WBV) - where the vibration is transmitted to the body as a whole by its supporting surface (i.e. seat or floor);

Segmental - where the vibration is transmitted to a specific segment of the body such as the hand/arm or foot/leg.

8.Vibration Response
It Depends on Many Factors :
Vibration Exposure
Direction of Vibration
Point of Application
How Much Vibration is Transmitted
Effect of Clothing and Equipment
Body Size (Height and Weight)
Body Posture/ Tension

9. Body Vibration
Body resonates at a Natural Frequency
Each Body Segment tends to have Different Natural Frequency

Nature of Body Vibration
    - Free or Natural Vibration
    - Forced or External Vibration

Problems arise when frequency of an External Vibration Source equal to Natural Frequency

10. For more please refer our PPT. Thanks.

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