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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

PowerPoint Presentation On Life

PPT On Life

Life Presentation Transcript:
1. “Life of a capture Bird”

2. A Thaught
“Better to die fighting for freedom , Then be a prisoner all the days of your life”. ----By Bob Marley

3. inspiration point
“Cage the song bird ” by Elton john
Quotation by Harun Yahya
“Sweet bird of freedom” film by Watt Whitman
“Cage bird” poem by Maya Angelou

4. Differences...............
Narrow view.
No freedom.
Can’t eat desire food.
no chatting with friend.
Tasteless life.

5. Analogous Behind the Bar …
Hope shatter
Become a monotonous life
Bleak vision and narrow dimension of thought.
Health deteriorated fastly and aging quickly.
No enjoyment through the entire life.

6. Winged Bird
Unlimited view
Freedom everywhere
Eat whatever he desire
Full enjoyment
Variant dynamic life

7. “I am free....................”
Feeling of everything.
Key to unlimited happiness.
desire to change the future

8. I want to fly...................
Freedom is the birth right
Price of freedom.
Freedom for every living being.

9. Thanks.

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