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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

PowerPoint Presentation On Indian Rag Pickers

PPT On Indian Rag Pickers

Indian Rag Pickers Presentation Transcript:
1. Who are Rag picker ?
Webster define Rag pickers as:-
“one who collects rags and refuse for a livelihood”. Those persons who roam from garbage to pit site to collect some material like plastic bottle, recycle material, metal thing, glass material etc which in turn exchange with merge sum of money for their livelihood is called rag pickers.

2. Why Rag pickers arise?
 Due to poverty.
Population Xplosion .
Child marriage.
Lack of family planning.

3. Problem face by Rag Pickers.
For food.
Not having proper home to stay.
Disease of different intensity.
lack of pure drinking water.
Torture by different section of people.
Only wearing torn & tatter cloths.

4. Area where rag pickers are found frequently.
Municipals Garbage dumping site
at railway station.
At temple site.

5. Positive side of Rag pickers.
Clean the city.
Help in Pollution controlling.
Help in recycle process.

6. Inspire to …
A scene from “Slum dog millionaire” movie.

7. Conclusion…
They are artificially created by society.
Have hope to do something but required little help and care.
Govt,NGO’s and different section of people have to work out to eradicate poverty.
They must get at least minimum( food, clothing& shelter) requirement to survived as an human.

8. Thanks.

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